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TENS treatment for Headache, Tension Headache, Migraine, Occipital Pain

Headaches have been known since ancient times and treated according to their type and frequency. Today back pain is one of the most common complaints that affect our everyday life. Around 220 different types of headache have been identified by doctors so far. Because the causes are not always clear, since the late '80s there has been a division by type and frequency. Among the various forms of headache are head injury and headaches as a side effect of infections. Some kinds of pain occur more rarely like the cold headache, which may, for example, appear during eating ice cream and usually only takes 20-30 seconds. Headache may occur paroxysmally or chronically (perennially). The best known and most common types of headache are: tension headache (54%) and migraine (38%). Along with other headaches (8%) like cluster headache they are referred to as "primary headaches". "Secondary headaches" occur as a symptom of another disease. In case of an unexpected, violent or strange headache, you should consult a doctor.

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The tension headache causes complaints first at the neck and then pulls slowly to the forehead. It is a dull, aching or pulling pain that can also spread to the eyes and is most similar to the wearing a too tight hat. Tension headache usually appears only on certain days in month (episodic), but there is also chronic tension headache that affects the person concerned about every two days. The causes for this type of headache are unclear. That is why in case of episodic form the therapy is particularly directed to ease of pain. In the chronic form this is worrisome because of the risk of painkiller abuse. Therefore particularly methods of prevention are recommended in this case. It is believed that tension headache pain is based on familiar predisposition, muscle tension or a disorder of the immune system. A load in wrong posture, psychosocial stress, too little sleep or disorders of the masticatory apparatus are also included among the possible causes. Especially in chronic tension headache some treatment methods have proven themselves - cold or heat packs, pills associated with side effects and also the TENS devices, which do not have any negative side effect.

TENS treatments often bring quick results.
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Migraine has been already known since the first century AD; its name comes from the Greek "hemicrania" (half head) and characterizes the nature of the disease that is mostly noticeable only on one side of the head. It is a chronic disease that recurs in attacks at specific time intervals. In addition to the throbbing, pounding headache, those affected often suffer from nausea. The headache attack, which can last for up to three days if untreated, is often accompanied by hypersensitivity to light, sounds and smells. Migraine can occur suddenly or begin - "like a button" - after a severe stress phase and recovery phase. "Migraine with aura" also leads to blurred vision, speech and dizziness. Since the level of suffering can be very high, preventing the everyday life of the person concerned, a pain treatment is recommended in any case. Because stress, irregular sleep and certain substances in the food can trigger migraine, there are possibilities of prevention by avoiding these "trigger factors". Far more women than men are affected by this disease, which can be attributed to the hormone estrogen and the fact that certain birth control pills intensify migraine symptoms.

You can do the TENS treatment yourself at home.

As "old" the disease is, as young the results of the research are. Migraine is regarded as an innate disposition of the body to react to certain stimuli. Since the 19th century the research has been focused particularly on the trigger factors. While some people may get migraine because of red wine, others have headache after consuming cheese. In the ‘50s it was discovered that serotonin, which may increase pain stimuli, plays a special role. Further researches showed that at least six neurotransmitters are important for the development of migraine. At that time, some drugs from combined substances were used for the treatment. In the ‘70s people tried to find an alternative of the "overmedication" of the ‘60s and focused on a holistic approach that extends the possibilities of self-therapy.

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The cluster headache is an episodic headache that occurs, for example, only in spring and autumn, but not between them. These are attacks lasting from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Affected is the area of the eyes, penetrating or stabbing pain occurs on one side and radiates up into the temple. A redness of the affected face area, watery eyes and a runny or stuffy nose are typical associated symptoms. From this very strong headache are affected more men than women. Triggers are believed to be physical exertion, certain foods, climatic stimuli or even extreme stress.

Occipital pain may be associated with the neck-tongue syndrome or cervical spine syndrome. Although tension headache is stuck in the back directly, it is called occipital pain. Similarly, this form of headache can be based on a sinusitis.

Headache can be effectively treated in many cases without any help. However, if the pain appears every day or almost every day and is accompanied by severe intensity or by other symptoms, a consultation with a physician is recommended in any case.

For treatment of headache there are in addition to the pain therapy by taking medications other alternatives. Some alternatives are relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson, acupuncture or treatment with TENS. The effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is similar to acupuncture. Instead of needles electrodes are used that send impulses through the skin to the appropriate nerves. The devices are suitable for home use and allow a rapid, low side effect treatment. The device sends gentle, slightly tingling currents in the painful area. Thus the pain signals are overlaid and hidden. If there is pain in the neck or headache four electrodes are placed in the neck. This is done pretty well by using self-adhesive pads. For treatments in the head area first should be made a consultation with a doctor. Depending on the cause of the headache different point combinations are available. With practice and patience you can discover the best treatment points even by yourselves.

TENS treatment for Headache, Tension Headache, Migraine, Occipital Pain